Julian's first Christmas Party

11:00:00 PM

WHAT: Julian's first Christmas Party
WHEN: December 21, 2011 Wednesday 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
WHERE: School

mr. pogi ng muntinlupa!
We were pretty excited about Julian's first ever Christmas party at school but Aj and I kept to ourselves. The night before we bought the gift for Toto (exchange gift: to worth 50 pesos, we got a snake and ladders board game). We were tasked to bring a box of pizza and I thought it would be impossible to bring one at eight in the morning. Thanks Shakey's (open twenty four hours!), we did it!

I got up at around seven, tidied myself up and woke up the party boy after 30 minutes. We were already at his school by eight-ish and went to Shakey's after dropping him off. Around 9:15 AM we were on our way back to deliver the pizza. The kids were screaming when I knocked on the door! They were having so much fun, Julian didn't notice it was me who was carrying the box.

When we got home, Aj and I seized the opportunity to wrap up Julian's bike. Two LCD TV boxes, a butcher's knife, a pair of scissors, and lots of tape did the job. A couple of torn cardboard boxes here and there and a few slices of pizza and we were done.

Later that night, I asked Julian if he had fun and he said yes. He told me that he joined in all of the games but didn't win anything. He got a toy car for the exchange gift. Ah the joys of being a kid.

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