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I was checking out the movies coming out next year (because I really think 2011 kind of sucked with the exception of Zombadings and a few, very few, others) and one of the most anticipated is Batman 3 or The Dark Knight Rises. I saw a post somewhere that Barney a.k.a. Neil Patrick Harris is playing The Riddler! Of course I was more than excited and searched the Internet Universe to confirm this.

Instead of finding answers, I found more questions or rumors about the Riddler. First, who will play the part? Some say it will be Johnny Depp, while a majority of posts say it’s Joseph Gordon-Lewitt or will he? Second, there’s no Riddler in the movie after all!

Few months ago, I read a post (of course I couldn't find that post now) that the villains will be Bane, Doctor Strange, and Catwoman. They said that the Scarecrow will be there, too. Will the Riddler be there as well? I hope not. There's already too much and for those who only know Batman from the movies should be given the time to fully understand each villain (ultimately stopping them from making stupid and uninformed comments from there on and worship the Dark Knight more).

The first time I watched the trailer and saw Robin Williams, I never would have guessed that he's playing Dr. Hugo Strange if it weren't for the posts about the movie. The feeling was rather weird: Mrs. Doubtfire a bad man? Oh no...

Then Selena Kyle. Anne Hathaway would always be that girl from Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada. At first I thought it was a pretty lame choice casting her as the Cat Woman because she's so princess like and she's too tall, but the part were she was dancing with Bruce Wayne and she was whispering to his ear? Oh, that's really nice. Not slutty but very seductive.

As for Tom Hardy who's playing Bane (I'm sorry but I've no idea who this guy is but I've read that he was from Inception and of course Chris Nolan's known for casting the same people in his movies) so I don't know if he'd do a great job. Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker really set the standards for the villains. 

Here's the trailer. Exciting isn't it? Can't wait!

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