What blog?

8:16:00 PM

I almost forgot I have a blog. The past two or three months was crazy for me. There's stress at work, issues at home, personal stuff that can't be ignored, etc. I've forgotten what it's like to surf the net, check my mail, stalk people on facebook and twitter, download songs, and brush my hair. However, I think the 'storm' has passed and things are slowly settling down. I now have time to check my social networking accounts once in a while and I was able to catch up on my online reads.

What's up with me lately? Just read on if you're interested.

1. I managed to lose a lot of weight. I'm not sure how much exactly but from what people have been telling me and from my pictures, I think I lost a good 15-20 lbs.

2.  The back panel of my phone's casing is still missing.

3. Going out at night and downing some alcohol at least twice a week. I got really fucked up during an office mate's birthday (story to follow).

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