Date with Julian

11:59:00 AM

I promised myself that I would bring Julian every Sunday to ATC just so we can spend some time together and he could play with other kids, too. First Sunday was great. He enjoyed it so much even though it was only a slide he was playing on.

How much we spent for this date:
Fare: 24 pesos
Food: 100 (potato twist 60 and zagu 36)
Playground: 0
Arcade: 0
Dinner: Jollibee (c/o Gen!)

Potato Twist 
He was complaining that the potato was SO big
Just a few bites and he won't even share it with me!
Our new favorite

And he couldn't even reach the pedals. Good job.
The little boy was very happy with our date that he asked me if we could go again next time. Of course! Special thanks to Genevieve Mendoza for treating us to dinner and taking us home. Sweet!

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