Birthday ko daw

12:47:00 AM

Thanks to all who greeted me! It was really nice to read all those greetings in facebook, through text messages, and chat. I wasn't able to pick up people's calls because I left my phone at home and I was at work. Nothing extravagant or any of that sort but I just love the sincerity of some people to make this day special for me. For Bunso, thanks for the cake! I lost the picture of the cake you bought for me. So sweet!
Nope, that cake's not mine.

We had a lunch date at McDonald's and I must say the quarter pounder meal tasted so wonderful with the watermelon float and fries. Julian could not get enough of his chicken.

Fries. Float. Burger.

After lunch, Julian went karting and we did some shopping (ps3 games, toys, shoes). 
He had to choose the lamest go-kart!
Julian bought a new wolverine action figure and this baby, Nico.

Toys. Nico. Wolverine.

My feet were ready to go home by themselves after hours of walking so Julian and I decided to relax for a bit and went to Kid's Art Work.
Longganisa fingers!

Waiting anxiously for his artwork
He was so ready to ditch the black apron but I told him that he can't start without wearing it.

We were all exhausted when we got home and it felt like we don't wanna do it again but Julian had so much fun, from his toys to the art session, we might do it again on Mother's day this Sunday. 

Thanks again to those who remembered my birthday. I hate being reminded of it, all the more celebrating it but you guys made this year a different one. To the Friday Beer Buddies, let's do something else next time alright?

To my sister who's in  SG now, let's celebrate again when you come home. I love our talks over the phone already so don't make any fuss that you're not here for my birthday. Just come home with those shoes. Kidding! To my dad who got mad I went to work and ruined his 'party' for me. The tilapia and porkchops were swuper! Let's have the pizza on Sunday! To my A Plus family for the chicken empanada, pancit palabok, and sweet surprise. To Julian who sang 'happy birthday' so well it made me cry.

Really, thank you!

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