July madness

12:48:00 AM

Plan A was:
reserve a conference room
decorate said conference room
get balloons, inflate, and fill the room with FLOATING balloons with cards attached to each
have LOTS of food
surprise the celebrants, kunwaring meeting plus patay na ilaw kind of surprise

Plan A was not possible so, Plan B!
decorate the floor instead
put condom-looking balloons all over
Andrew to escort Din at exactly 9PM so that we could decorate
LOTS of food became Burger Machine and chocolate roll from Red Ribbon

Trish, Matt, Jamie, Micah, Yuanne, Angelo
WELCOME TO: Carla and Din's ... What?
Din's cubie
Carla's cubie
I didn't even dare take pictures of the entire floor but from the cubies above, I'm sure you get a clear picture of what it looked like.

We had to make sure Din leaves right away so the girls asked Andoy to go home with her since he's always the first one out. Yep, he left right away. WITHOUT Din. So Angelo had to do it. She was already suspicious because no one would leave their seats when usually, we'd be yelling for everybody to be out at exactly 9PM. We were scrambling all over to get everything in place!

Good thing the decors were ready and we just have to put them wherever. I've no idea how we got the balloons inflated without the two noticing when there's hissing and blowing and popping sounds throughout the shift!

Good job on the candles Trish! Only they melt after a second you light them!
I may have eaten some of the wax.
I'm guessing they were touched by our effort that real food came! Hurray!
That's the sharpest and clearest this photo can get. No, I did not take this shot.
Never trust Din with a cam ever.
Then instead of a party, a photo shoot happened!
Almost burned my fingers lighting them up!
Me, Din, Andoy, Trish, Carla, Jamie, Angelo
Jamie, Din, Trish, Andoy, Carla, Angelo
Si Andoy parang photobomber!
CDT peeps
Carla, Mommy Grace, Julz and her uber bright pink sandals which we love, Rose, Eli
Me with the celebrant and her pizza
Me, Jamie, and Din still with her pizza
Carla, Din with the ever present pizza, and Jorlie plus the eskandalosang pink sandals
Photobomb daw sila sa likod
Carla, Jess, Din, Me, Jamie
We couldn't take a decent photo of everybody. I know we look like we just play around all the time, but we're actually very busy.

Happy birthday to the celebrants! Until next time.

P.S. The birthday song here.

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