He's six!

12:08:00 AM

*weep weep weep!*

No party or anything like that this year. Plan A was to watch Despicable Me 2 at either MoA or Robinson's Manila and head on to Manila Zoo or Museyong Pambata (or the other way around). But because of the weather and availability of the movie at those cinemas, we decided to watch at Festival Mall instead then the rest of the afternoon at Yexel's Toy Museum in Las Pinas.

Very proud of his minion!
with Tita Wel
with Momsh
At Yexel's Toy Museum!
Where are the parents?
Bikini Bottom
Feeling Thor!
Kuya said this is worth 250k
My favorite room!
Had to drag Julian to enter this one!
So kewl...
Parang ako may birthday.
Julian: Momsh, sira yung kamay ni Wolverine!
He kept asking the name of this mushroom guy. I have no idea.
And of course he had to wear the mask, too.
Bat mobile! WANT!
Our favorite duo.
Julian kept giggling the whole time when I put on the mask.
"My, sakay tayo sa loob pwede ba?"
Me: Kuya, pwede sumakay sa loob?
Kuya: *puts on a weird face and shook his head*
More minions. 
Those boobs.
Jack jack!
Who's this again?
And this one?
Julian and The Chipmunks!
Malupit si Agnes.
TV5 was there, too. We were about to leave when they noticed minion in my bag and asked if they can take a picture of the toy with Julian.
Ferris wheel ride at Southmall.
Julian: Momsh ambagal.
The one-eyed minion is actually mine. 
Thank you for all the greetings! I actually had quite a difficult time explaining to Julian why people were greeting him and who sent them. Every. Single. One. 

Special thanks to my awesome fam bam! Lola Toona and Lola Tet for the early treat and wonderful gifts. Tita Len and Tito Kim for the generous present. Tita Wel and Tito Ronnie for watching the movie with us. And, Tito Paolo for the elusive minions. 

I hope you had fun baby! We love you. :)

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