Master Cleanse

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Before, I was so hooked up with cleansing and detoxifying, but after I gave birth I totally forgot to mind my own routines and regimen. So now that Julian's not occupying most of my time, I realized I should be back on the wellness track.

First, detox! It's been more than three years since I remember being healthy so this has got to be the first on the list. I read about a friend's post in fb that she did this lemon juice detox for 14 days and it really worked for her. So I researched about it and here's what I got:

Master cleanse
After waking up:
8 ounce of cold water + 1 tablespoon of sea salt.

I'm still not sure if you're supposed to add the salt with the water. I think you have to take them in separately. Just kidding.

Throughout the day: 6-12 glasses
Mix these with every 8 ounce of very very cold water
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup
a pinch of cayenne pepper
Make sure to drink lots of water too

Before bed time:
One serving of Smooth Move Tea

I have to search for this kind of tea because I'm not very familiar with it though I drink a lot of it. I hope it's not green tea though. You can get the articles here and here.

For beginners, you can start with three days of detox so your body can adjust to your new diet. Maybe after that period and you feel you can take it to another level, then go and finish the 14 day period. You have to check with your physician though if you want to do it longer because this detox will definitely have it's side effects (think of no food and I'm sure you get what I mean).

Can I eat while on detox? I think not because that's the point of this procedure. Your body becomes full of pollutants and toxins because of the stuff you take in.

They say you'll feel lighter, healthier, a bit slimmer, and most importantly stronger --physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can do this probably once every year or maybe even twice but again, see a physician first to be sure because you might overdo it. If you're thinking of losing weight, exercise and eating healthy is still the way to go, so don't substitute detox for weight loss.

So next week, I'll be on the search for a really good maple syrup. I'll post my progress. Oh and make sure to take measurements before you start. Good luck to us!

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