The Christmas!

10:57:00 AM

It's almost Christmas! Yay! And I've only got a month to:
- Make a Christmas list
- Set-up a Christmas tree
- A list of inaanaks and their gifts
- Menu for Christmas eve dinner
- Gift ideas for my two boys, Julian and Aj

The last one's the hardest. It's just not easy to come up with presents for them. Julian would definitely love any toy or shirt that's Spiderman or Batman or any of the hero friends. He told me he'd like a Spiderman shirt, one with a print on the front and back. Then any toy would do. So I'll just have to choose from a selection of Spiderman merchandise at Toy Kingdom. No biggie.

But a gift for an older guy is never a piece of cake, especially when he already gave me my Christmas gift which is the coolest one ever! A blackberry phone! So how am I gonna top that? For one, my funds are limited. And I'm not very sure of what he'd like. So here are my choices:

Game console

He mentioned several times that he'd buy an xbox and that's good because the ps3's more expensive, not only the unit but the game discs too. So xbox for the game console.


He loves shoes more than I do so I thought this is also a great gift idea. My only problem is getting the right design and size.

And the last gift idea is a full body massage, facial, everything that's relaxing. I've yet to find a really nice spa that won't scare him away. Wish me luck!

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