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I’m starting to believe that I have a good eye for affordable and nice accommodations. Alba Uno Hotel is easily one of my favorites. I feel so bad for not taking any pictures (pictures of their rooms here). What you see in the photos is what you get, even nicer!
I highly suggest this hotel because:

  • The staff are nice and friendly. Prior to making reservations, I bombarded their customer service (via email) with tons of questions about the rooms, what are included, if they have this and that, etc. They made sure they answered all my queries. Even if the info was already available in their website. Upon our arrival, one staff automatically got our bags and placed them in the cart at the lobby. We didn’t have to ask. Our parents got the wrong room but they attended to my concern right away when I called them about it. My sister left her camera’s lens in their room (she must’ve dropped it or something) and we were already on our way to the airport when the staff found it. Going back was not a good option because we might be late for our flight. We asked if they can bring it to the airport instead and they did!
  • Spacious and clean rooms (even the comfort rooms). No bumping into each other.
  • Storage. I hate keeping my stuff inside the luggage or leaving them on the floor so I was really happy when I saw the big cabinet, tables, and hooks.
  • Proper lighting and decors were simple but elegant. There was just enough to make the rooms not look bare.
  • Lots of electric outlets. They even have sockets for USB wires!
  • Hot and cold shower. Towels and toiletries.
  • Comfy bed! Plus fluffy pillows, lots of them. And comforters!
  • There was also a fridge in our room (family) and an electric kettle.
  • Elevator! How nice is it to not walk up and down the stairs?!
  • Free WiFi and there’s cable TV.
  • There’s a café just across the lobby area.
But I hope they take care of the following:
  • The ACU was very noisy. I was worried it might fall off or something. It also didn’t really make the rooms cold enough for you to use the comforters.
  • No extra key cards. You’ll have to ask for someone to assist you if you don’t want to bother the people inside your room.
  • WiFi connection’s slow.
We enjoyed our stay in Alba Uno and I wish we could’ve stay one more night because the place was relaxing. We’ll definitely stay there again!
*Photos were grabbed from their site.

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