Zark Attack

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One day:

Boss: Nagugutom ako. Kain tayo.

Us: Saan, sir?

Boss: Zark’s tayo!

Us: Yey!

That was how the conversation went, more or less. For no apparent reason, our boss suddenly thought it was a great idea to treat us to dinner at this awesome burger joint! And oh boy, it was great: free dinner and good food after working our asses off for what felt like forever.

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DSC_2393DSC_2394jamie and me

If you’re a burger lover, it would be such a shame not to try this place; very affordable and the burgers are as advertised. Haven’t been to the one in Taft but the one in BF is a bit too small (and wobbly stools, too). Service was okay, their Mayo wasn’t (according to Ms. Din), iced tea and burgers don’t go well together (never!), and okay serving of fries (not too much).

P.S. Sorry Jen. Went without you. Next time dude.

Zark’s Burgers

35 J32S Building, President's Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque (In front of Shawarma Shack Center)

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