The Dream Catcher

7:50:00 PM

I hope a dream catcher's like it's name. Like really catch your dream and then when you wake up, you can, ugh, download it and then view or watch it. That would be really nice don't you think? I like my dreams. I find them very amusing, even the bad ones. Especially when they're so vivid so you feel like punching yourself for not remembering the moment you wake up. It happens to me all the time.

Last time, I dreamed about being in the cinema. Or about to go to the cinema and my friend and I (I can't remember who this friend I was with) were buying some snacks. I was asking the crew if he can give me something that will go well with the chocolate I was holding and he said that they ran out of soda and juice. I think I got pissed because I could see that the there were lots of dispensers at the counter and I could tell that they're full of drinks. End.

Next was a scene in our living room. A classmate of mine back in grade school days was dozing off in the armchair. He was a tall guy so his head was swaying sideways. So I slid myself to his side and helped him to be more comfortable. Then finally, I suggested that he sleep on my bed instead. While at my bed, it felt like we were a thing and that we're in some kind of relationship because all of a sudden he was on top me (just on top, nothing more) then I woke up. Really weird, because I don't remember having any crush on that guy.

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