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Last June, I shared my experience with Globe's GCASH. Aside from the money that's taking forever to be returned to me, I was mostly frustrated with their customer service.

Here's a quick view of what happened. 
So I was relieved when I started getting updated from them via email sometime in August 2016. Our exchange of emails made me feel that the issue is going somewhere and someone's finally on top of it. I was told that Chinabank issued a certification that the transaction was made in their branch in Kalookan. WTH??? I've never been to any Chinabank branch more so in Kalookan. Plus, my friend who had my GCASH card was in Palawan. Another thing that ticked me was that the first report said it happened in Security Bank in Palawan. That's why we were asked to submit an affidavit there and here too. In addition, they had this information as early as May 2016 and it took them several months to take action.
Certification from Chinabank
Of course I was furious but I can't do anything about that anymore so I just made sure I ask for updates and I submit to them ASAP whatever they need. October 2016, I was told that Chinabank agreed to a CCTV viewing and that I need to send pictures of my friend who had the GCASH card. After sending the pictures, I even got a confirmation that they got my email.

I asked for updates every two weeks but as of writing, I still haven't heard from them.

After asking me if they can call me, I have not received any other updates from Globe GCASH. I would like to be understanding about the matter but it's been seven months! Please let me know if I'm being a jerk calling them out for this because I think I should get legal help from here on.

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