Why Globe Telecom's GCASH is a load of BS

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Let me tell you about my experience with Globe and GCASH.  I'll try to make it really brief.

March 2016:

  • Tried withdrawing money using my GCASH card. It's like a debit card.
  • Transaction failed and so no money was dispensed.
  • I got a notification (text message) that money was successfully taken from my account.
  • I rushed to Customer Service of Festival Mall and reported the incident.
    • CS Representative called East West bank right away. East West said Globe has to initiate the investigation.
    • I called the GCASH right after.
  • Agent told me that it will take 10 banking days but of course I insisted that they return the money ASAP.
  • Within 24 hours, the money was returned to my account.
  • Happy ending.
May 2016:
  • As always during summer, Julian went to Palawan for a month long vacation so I asked them to bring the GCASH card so it would be easy to send and receive money.
  • May 8, 2016 I transferred 4,500 pesos to my GCASH account.
  • May 12, 2016 they tried withdrawing the money at Robinson's Mall in Palawan. 
  • I got several text messages saying that the balance is insufficient to complete the transaction. 
  • I contacted them right away and asked about what happened, if they were able to get the money. 
  • They told me they weren't. They've tried three different machines.
  • May 12, 2016 I called the GCASH hotline right away to report the issue.
  • I called their hotline almost every day to get updates but here's what I was treated to:
    • Agents claimed that I have to WAIT FOR TEN BANKING DAYS before the money can be returned
      • A supervisor even gave me a crash course on their process, why it would take 10 banking days
    • All of the agents said they flagged my concern as URGENT
    • I never got any updates from Globe EVER
  • May 24, 2016 9th banking day. Called again to get an update. Reminded the agent that they told me it would only take 10 banking days. Asked her about what we would do it the money is still not in my account by tomorrow. Agent was of no help.
  • May 25, 2016 10th banking day. NOTHING. 
June 2016:
  • June 2, 2016. I called again. 
    • Agent told me nothing new. Said that they are waiting for the bank. I asked what's taking too long and when was the last time they followed up with Security bank. She said, according to the report, that the last update with Security bank was May 19, 2016.
    • At that point, I got really irate. Nobody cared to follow up with Security bank from May 19 to June 2? When she couldn't answer why, I told her that I want to speak to a supervisor.
    • The supervisor (Francis?) apologized and told me the same thing. So I said I want to talk to their manager.
    • After waiting for several minutes, I talked to a certain John. After explaining to him the issue and expressing how frustrated and disappointed I was, he said that he'll personally take care of the matter. 
    • Aside from getting my money back, I told him that I want those who are at fault to be punished for the great inconvenience they have caused me. I would've filed a formal complaint if I knew who to complain about. He said that since it reached him, a complaint would definitely be served. 
    • John guaranteed me that in FIVE banking days, my money will be returned
    • I asked him about what we would do if after that period the money's still not in my account. He kept on assuring me that it won't take that long. Five banking days is the max time it would take. 
    • He also told me that he would personally update me; I should keep my line open. 
  • June 6, 2016: 18th day
    • Money's still not returned to my account.
    • No calls, messages, emails, or any updates from John or representative of Globe.
The people I talked to were very apologetic and it seemed like their hands were tied. I wouldn't really know who screwed up. 

It sucked big time though that the agents sounded like newbies. They all made it sound like it was their first time to have handled a case like mine. One agent even read the contents of the report out loud without putting me on hold. Another agent wrote in her notes that I didn't believe her when she told me that it takes 10 banking days (that's why I wanted to escalate the call). Then the supervisor to whom this agent escalated me to gave me crash course on their process. In the first place, I didn't say I didn't believe the process would take 10 days. I said that I needed to get my money RIGHT AWAY. I told them that this happened to me last March and the money was returned the next day. The other agents would recklessly butt in while I was still speaking and many of them seemed to have not read the report made by the other agents so I had to repeat information again and again. 

My problems with the whole issue, aside from my money not being dispensed right there and then when it was being withdrawn?
  1. 10 banking day promise. I think it was only recently that the an option for ATM issues were added to the menu when you call the GCASH hotline. Anyway, all of the agents, including the supervisors, kept on telling me to wait for 10 banking days. Obviously, they didn't deliver. Everybody had the nerve to stick it to my face, asked me to wait for nothing.
  2. I'm not sure if the agents did tag my issue correctly. If they didn't, then why the hell didn't they? If they did, why the heck were there no actions? Whenever I call them, I'd give them the reference number and each time, the agents would just go through everything AGAIN. 
  3. Nobody bothered to fucking update me.
  4. I had to make sure the issue reached a manager. Nobody bothered escalating the ticket to someone of higher authority until I asked them to.
I'm still hoping that my money would be returned on or before June 9, 2016. If not, please help me spread this and make sure Globe sees it while I figure out how to file a formal complaint.

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