Movie: Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy

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Watch it:
  • If you like wasting time.
  • If you're a Vice Ganda fan.
  • If you're into shitty plots.
  • Because Maricel Soriano and Joey Marquez nailed their roles.
  • To see how much Ruffa Gutierrez has aged.
  • Because the other MMFF entries are probably shittier.

  • If you want what your money's worth (and 232 pesos isn't cheap).
  • Because as to why Bobby Andrews was casted as a gay uncle is the biggest question of all.
  • Because Girlie (straight daughter) looked like a drag queen while Mark (gay) actually looked better as a straight girl. 
  • Because while Vice is superb at throwing punch lines, the material is superbly lame.
  • Because of shameless product endorsements (Datu Puti, Starmobile,
While I'm not a Vice fan, I've seen some of his other films and this has got to be the worst one, considering it's an MMFF entry. As if MMFF takes itself seriously. We gave the movie a shot just for the heck of trying something different. Plus there weren't any better contenders. And what a complete waste of time and money.

I read it's one of the top grossers. People also rated it pretty highly compared to the other entries. It's rated 7.1 in IMDb for fuck's sake. Watch the trailer. Give it a try. As for us, no more Tagalog movies.

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