Gutom will ALWAYS find a way

1:55:00 PM

"Gutom na ko! Ang dami kong gutom! Nagugutom na ko! Gusto ko na kumain!" - Me, Jamie, and Din

At the counter:

Me: *while Jamie is ordering* Uy grabe, ang dami! Half lang yan?

Jamie: No, full.

Me: *stares* Wow ha.

Jamie: O bakit? *orders* Gano katagal ang Pepperoni pizza?

Me: May pizza pa! *orders a four-cheese pizza, Din orders white cheese pizza*

Baked ziti and pizza for us. No, we were not hungry. We were famished!

Chili flakes, black pepper, white pepper, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, basil.
Yes, hoard all the spices!
Ta Din, remember the snow flake issue? Yes right! That one. Payback time! Hahahahaha!

The girls took home their pizzas while I finished mine, went to Daiso right after and bought some Quickly before heading to the office. Good thing they didn’t want to walk all the way to South station (where the jeepneys are) so we took a cab! I love lazy people sometimes.

After complaining about how hungry they were, the rest of the day was spent with endless growls and complaints, too. This time it’s about how full they are. Girls.

Until next time!

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