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Let's buy one of this awesome shit!
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Do you read reviews about a movie before you watch it? I usually do. I've read J-Zaf's (to the other bloggers who've named her this, pahiram) review and still watched it. Why? I love Tom Cruise that's why!

While I sat there, cross-legged, shaking my bag of buttered popcorn, I was hoping silently that J-Zaf be wrong. Tickets are quite expensive these days and I didn't want 210 bucks (well, my friend paid for them, but still!) to be a waste (opportunity cost!).

It wasn't a total loss, of course but I had a difficult time not doing the following:

  1. doze off
  2. name all the snacks I smelled (sausage, pizza, and popcorn!)
  3. find out who brought detergent
  4. count how many popcorn I popped into my mouth

Aside from the amazing pool at the towers, the drones, and Jack Harper's rides (a foldable motorbike and over flexible helicopter looking fly thing), the movie's ... a disappointment. Not even Morgan Freeman's awesomeness could save it.

It was f*cking predictable. We knew what was going to happen! And it wasn't the exciting "See?! I told you!" kind of foretelling. It was a little bit depressing that we were actually right about what was next.

The movie was so boring, we felt like it was four hours long. To further prove this point, my friend didn't have a moustache when we came in, but he had one already when we left (this really happened according to him).

Don't bother watching it in theaters. I'm sure it'll be available soon for downloading!

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