How to spot a fake martial artist

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First, let me be very clear. I am a proud Judoka (judo player). Maybe when I was way younger, I wasn't. In fact, I hated it! Now though, is different. I don't have any problems telling people that I play, or that I have been playing all my life. Even the fact that my entire family (including my brother-in-law) plays. Or that I'm actually a black belter (ha!).

So far, when people learn about my awesome (yeah, it's f*cking awesome) Judo life, no one has ever said: "Weh, di nga?" or "Sige nga, sampol!"

However, proving that you are in fact a player is easier than to answer these:
  1. Since everyone in your family plays, do you throw each other when you have fights?
  2. Have you used your Judo skills during a fight?
  3. Will you save me with your Judo when we get into a fight?
The moment you hear these questions, you know right away that the person you are talking to (nope, I'm not gonna say a complete dumbass) is not familiar with what you do or any other related sport.

I've told you about this site I signed up to, right? It's just funny how some of the people I met there confess to have practiced a martial art or at least watched UFC and they still ask me these questions. Now, it gets dumb. Sometimes I think about answering with, "Yeah, when we can't decide over something? We have a team tournament! It's either by submission or a full point win only, right in the middle of the living room or kitchen or wherever there's space! 'Cause you know, that's how a family of martial artists roll, man!

Sure, maybe they're trying to be funny. Well, funny and stupid are not the same for me. 

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