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You're right. That's not a word but I'm taking it up a notch so it's not just being bitter but bittering.

What exactly is bittering?

Spotted couples? "Maghihiwalay din kayo."

Colleagues' sweet love story during yosi break? "Yak. We're not friends anymore."

Valentine's Day? "Pakshet."

Side A playing on the radio? "Great. Kill me now." Or just cry.
I'm becoming a 'bitter' junkie. Shet.

Anyhoo, how's your Thursday? Mine's pretty good. We've got food!

Vday's menu (lunch): calamares, garlic toasts, lemon squares, spicy tuna and mushroom pasta.
I can probably control everyone in the office because of my pasta dish. World domination through food! Hah! So that's what we had for lunch. I believe we were all beyond full when we left the cafeteria.

Three hours later, "Pizza!" I love us.
Meryenda c/o Ms. Micah!
I don't know how this day will end and you might think I'll be so screwed and cranky because I'm still heart broken and single (and people just keep on asking how I'll spend the day) and I don't have a date (or any of that shit) but I'm great. Was never a fan of this holiday you know.

Besides, I'm sure I'll come home to a card and a picked-up flower from the streets from my kid.

Happy hearts day everyone!

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