Sweets for my sweets. Sugar for my honey.

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Last night, I had a dream about training again. It seems like I knew the place or the team I was training with but I couldn't tell where exactly I was or the people I'm training with. It was probably a school because there were lots of students roaming around. Everyone wore white belts and I instantly drew attention when I wore my belt (I think I'm a second-Dan black belter now, if I've paid the right dues). No one made a fuzz about it but the stares were uncomfortable. Nobody was exactly leading the training session when suddenly, the coach appeared. Then we weren't doing Judo anymore. It was like training for stunt people! 
The girls and I are planning a beach getaway some time in March. We're eyeing Bolinao or Batangas (please let it be Bolinao!). I haven't been to the beach for like forever so I'm really looking forward to this vacay and I will get ready for it; a body that will make that gorgeous pair of bikini (or that awesome one-piece) proud. 
What a shame not to visit this place!
Photo from Lakwatsa
Losing weight is pretty easy for me (but I can't go any lower than 50 kgs). I'm not a healthy eater so I usually keep a food diary for about a  month so that I'll know the kind of food I usually take when I'm not trying to lose weight. The food diary then helps me decide on which food items I should skip and the usual culprits would be sweets (chocolate, cookies, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, candy, etc.) and coffee (from the vendo, instant, brewed, etc.). 

But just how can I lower my calorie intake when the good stuff keeps on coming my way?! Screw calories and just eat away! I'll just have to cut somewhere else. Thank you people for taking care of our excessive indulgence. We are loved. :D
Too much? No? Yes? Just right! :D
Forgot to photograph the rest because they were gone before I thought of taking snaps.
From Ms. Yay, Ms. Annie (humongous Toblerone!), Managers (lots of good stuff from Ms. A, always), CDT (they have this table dedicated to goodness), Doublemint and Bogart, and that magic shelf in my room where I found some Hany (choco peanut bars).
By the way, our canteen sells the best chocolate crinkles
I definitely have to start working out if I want to keep spoiling my sweet tooth. I need a work out buddy. Anyone?

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