4:50:00 PM

*never trust a man/woman who uses this word

Yes Santa, I did not get that lamp I wanted for Christmas. Boo! Good girl or not, I have to get them for myself. Shucks. The perks of being a grown up!

Anyway, in case you change your mind, please put everything in a shiny box. Thanks!

Feeling a little like a techie chick

  1. Music player - a really tiny one, so small you won't feel it juggling on your neck or pocket when you're running.
  2. Cord hub - nasty cords spiraling everywhere give me allergies.
  3. Cord manager - because they magically tangle themselves together when put in the same space.
  4. USB cord hub - just so I won't have to bend every time I need to plug in something to the darn computer.
  5. Universal adapter - why don't they just come up with one kind of plug anyway?!
  6. Pencil/pen holder - for my collection of pens that don't even write anymore.
  7. Earphone plug - they're cute! I like the tabby cats so much.
  8. Phone case - Noah needs a new home, a pink home.
  9. *Monitor - the current one I'm using has this blue green smudge that won't go away and I noticed that it's growing bigger (like an algae!), plus I want a wider/bigger one.
  10. *Extension cord (with cover?) - saw this cord box online that tucks all those nasty plugs and cords neatly inside a box, but I doubt if there's anything like it sold in stores.
*not in the photo

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