Sleep and/or the lack of it

10:30:00 PM

It's almost February! I barely noticed until everything on the net started having hearts and flowers. Third week and I have not accomplished anything (was unbelievably lazy to take photos and was late couple of times as well). Yay!

But it's not all bad. Things are starting to look bright in the career scene. I'm now a little bit excited about how this month would end and hopefully the good news will become a reality by February. I only hit the snooze button once, as a matter of fact! There's this counting the chicks before they're hatched thing but I can feel it in the heart of my heart that things are slowly turning my way. I don't even have any proof for this but there's this nagging feeling that they will.

Anyhoo, the new and crazy schedule gave birth to new habits. At least with me, not sure with them but all of us are battling with how to be fucking asleep early. We're always talking about how we'd all settle early in bed but end up sleeping late anyways. And of course the dreadful morning shower. I have seriously considered coming in to work without taking a shower one day when we ran out of LPG (yep, no showers at home, no heaters but good old boiling heaps of water in a pot) that morning because the bathroom turned into a freezer. Bilibid has its own fucking ACU!

Aling Edna's walang kamatayang adobo. But her bicol express does not fall behind. Steamed mussels with spicy vinegar with garlic.
Generous sister is generous! Thanks Chong!
There's a green mark on my PC's monitor that won't go away. Can I still fix it? Or I need to find a new one?
Latest downloaded movie: Django (silent D) Unchained. Jamie Foxx is uber hot.
Book I'm currently reading: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice. On the second book actually. Christian Grey could learn a lot from this one. Definitely a piece of art but equally disturbing.
Highlight of my week! Mohan Gumatay replied to one of my tweets! Fan girl mode activate!
Large and hot. Large hot shots from KFC with lotsa gravy for lunch on a Saturday.
Any tips on the following?
1. How to keep your circadian rhythm from going bonkers.
2. Better alternative to coffee that is not apples.
3. How to make sure the office mates do not notice you did not shower.
4. How to make sure your voice do not disappear (Regine Velasquez style!) in the middle of a five-hour continuous class with Latinos and Latinas.

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