All I want for Christmas is ... YOU?

7:00:00 AM

Errr.. Not exactly. Hahahaha!

I'm usually not excited about getting gifts every Christmas (well not just Christmas but any occasion actually). Either I don't get what I really want or I don't get anything at all. 

To solve this problem, I decided to stick to a small list of things I BADLY WANT and NEED. Things I know I can get my hands on and not end up regretting spending money or bugging people for them. 

This Christmas, aside from my sister's wedding, I'm so excited about giving my room a makeover. Why not? It's the place I spend a lot of time in and it badly needs some TLC. I have really furniture: nice bed frame, computer table, and a large, old mirror. My cabinet needs an overhaul and I need a few more shelves. Fixtures and sockets need to be updated, too. Plus that LCD TV I've been dreaming of for the past few weeks. Most importantly, PAINT!

I forgot a rug and bedroom slippers!
I have no idea yet as to what look or motif I'm going for but I want everything tucked away, make it look more cozy and comfy (not cramped!). A bit feminine (palest of pink and lot of creams), but overall just clean and neat. 

It will be a lot of work but I've been planning it for a long time now. 

Suggestions are welcome. 

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