Movie: This Guy's In Love With You Mare

7:00:00 AM

Why you should watch it:
  1. Toni G is the hottest April Boy and Aegis fangirl. EVER!
  2. Lucky Manzano looked so mabango.
  3. Vice Ganda is an action star in the making.
  4. Gladys Reyes was Vice's sister.
  5. The plot was simple and realistic enough.
  6. Can't get enough of the hot men.
Why you should not watch it: 

  1. Toni G was so hot, we all want to look like her and felt bad about ourselves. We can never pull it off: perfect hair, skinny legs, and eyeliner always in place!
  2. Lucky Manzano cried too much in their confrontation scene.
  3. Vice was too tall to be an action star. 
  4. Gladys appeared only on the computer.
  5. The plot was so simple.
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Din, TL Carla, Jorlie, Jehnie
Euke, Jehnie, Din
The obligatory bathroom shot
Me, Jehnie, Din
Jehnie: Pwede ba tanggalin 'to?!
To Jehnie: Well we can't so here's a snap of white armpits, errr, of Toni "hot" G!

Kulob cleanser. Watch with friends who are on the same kulob level as you. Don't sit at the topmost seats if you're scared by sounds coming out of the projector room. Laugh hard. Laugh loud. You might convince yourself that you're actually having a great time. 

Thank you Din, Jehnie, Jorlie, Euke, and TL for this day-off! 

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