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Sometimes you have to be thankful for people who lived just to ruin your life. Well guess what honey, my plans turned out better than expected. Thanks to you!

I was supposed to throw a surprise birthday party, but something came up so I had to cancel it. Plan B: Dinner. I'm no savant when it comes to dining so finding the perfect place was the most difficult thing for me. My first choice was Cyma at ATC but their last order is at 9:30 PM so we can't make it.

Good thing one of my colleague suggested Sky Lounge at Vivere! I made reservations early in the afternoon and the staff were really nice to accommodate my requests. One, their reservation is until 8PM only but since I was so nice (and I begged!), they saved me a sweet spot. Good thing the place wasn't full that night, too. Second, they took care of the cake! The place was really nice and romantic. The staff were very accommodating; on their toes but not overbearing. As for the food, nothing special really. I won't come back for the food, but the ambiance.

It was a lovely night and while the place was romantic, it wasn't that secluded to let you be too intimate which I liked. I'm not sure if he liked the date. I'm just happy he accepted my invite and showed up.

I forgot what kind of sandwich I ordered but it tasted like cheesesteak. I'm not sure if the bread was supposed to be a little tough. The beef was really tender though.
He ordered Caped Monte Cristo. It was good but a little oily since it was a deep fried sandwich.
I'm into salads these days and I'm currently into Cesar's with grilled chicken. The leaves were too big and a little soggy, the sauce a little too sour, but the chicken was tender and not bland.
We ordered soup, too. I had minestrone while he had cream of mushroom. The servings were hefty and were already full even before our sandwiches were served.
I have no idea what kind of cake they gave us but it was chocolate, chocolate all over! 
The birthday boy!
All in all, it was a nice experience, something new for the both of us. Alabang isn't that bad after all, we just have to explore more.

P.S. We're not back together again nor is this a plot to win him back. I just wanted to treat him out for dinner because it's his birthday and like what he told me before, I haven't done anything special for him ever since, thus this date.

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